10 Tips For Brushing Your Teeth Perfectly

We start our day by bushing our teeth. But most of us don’t know how to brush our teeth properly. So know the rules of brushing properly. If you don’t know the rules yourself, then how do you suppose you teach your kids how to brush? In the other hand if you don’t brush your teeth properly you will have to face many problems with your teeth. So know how to brush your teeth properly if you want to ensure you have good and clean teeth. Here are the 9 rules:

1. Selecting A Toothbrush:

Selecting the perfect toothbrush for you is an important thing. Use branded toothbrush. Use toothbrush that has large number of needles. Use toothbrush that is soft and won’t hurt your mouth. Kids need to use little toothbrush that fits their mouth. Basically children toothbrush are softer than the one’s for adults

2. Using Toothpaste:

Brush your teeth after breakfast and before you go to bed at night using sufficient amount of toothpaste. If possible use toothpaste that has Fluoride in it. Use different toothpaste for children. Normal toothpaste can affect their mouth. Use mild toothpaste for your children.

3. Placement Of Toothbrush Needles:

Make sure you keep the needles of the toothbrush in 45 Degree angle with your mouth. Brush from the upper gum to the lower gum and again from the lower gum to the upper gum. Always brush in this formation.

4. Duration Of Brushing:

Don’t rush while brushing. Make sure you brush perfectly. Properly brush both the inner and outer part of your teeth. Brush for at least 2 minutes. Not less than that.

5. Changing Your Toothbrush:

Change your toothbrush after every three months. Needles of your toothbrush will bend after a certain usage. The needles will turn softer. Then you have to change it. Brushing your teeth with a ruined toothbrush will not be of any use.

6. Brush When Necessary:

Normally you have brush for at least twice a day. But after eating chocolates or any kind of sticky food you have to brush immediately. This way the food will not stay stuck in your teeth and your teeth will stay free of germs.

7. Don’t Brush For Too Long:

Don’t brush your teeth for too much long. It will do more damage to your teeth than good.

8. Don’t Brush Back And Forth:

Brushing your teeth back and forth can damage your teeth.

9. Don’t Brush Too Hard:

Don’t Brush your teeth too hard. It will damage your teeth and can also make your gum bleed.

10. Don’t Brush After eating Something Sour:

Don’t brush immediately after eating something sour.

How To Brush:

1. To clean your teeth from the upper row to the lower row, make sure your toothbrush reaches every part of your mouth.
2. Brush around every single tooth. Don’t leave any spot untouched.
3. From front to back and up to down. Brush every single side of your teeth.
4. Start from one side of teeth and reach to the other side.
5. Make sure you use enough toothpaste.
6. Wash your mouth very well after brushing.
7. Brush for 2 minutes. Don’t brush less than this duration.
8. Use a soft toothbrush
9. Use Fluoride toothpaste.

Make sure your children adapt the habit of brushing regularly. As a parent it is an important duty of yours. If they don’t build up the habit of brushing from early age, later on they will have hard time building up the habit. They will have to face complications with their teeth.

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