12 Signs Of a Fit And Healthy Man

There was a time when men used to care less about themselves. They used to think that men should live this way, men are supposed to be careless.
But the time has changed. These days, men are concerned about their health and personality.

How you will know that you are healthy? How you will find out that your body and mind is working well? You have to look for these 12 signs. These 12 signs indicate that you are leading a healthy life. As a perfect man you must have thee 12 things in you.

Those who are health conscious, they do a lot of things for health. Eating well, regular exercise, physical activities and a perfect lifestyle. They also consult and doctor every now and then. All of these are done just to stay fit and healthy, to have a healthy body and mind. We all know that good health is the key to all the happiness. We can stay happy if we stay fit and healthy. So staying healthy and fit is a must for men.

1. Heartbeat rate:

A healthy man has the heartbeat rate of 70 or close. If you want to know whether you are healthy or not, you should test your heartbeat rate. If your heart beats too fast, it is a sign that your heartbeat rate is not normal.

2.Healthy Nails:

A healthy man has healthy nails. Look at your nails very closely. If you see that your nails are pretty hard and the color of your nail is tinted pink, this means your health is doing well.

3. Ability To Do 20 push-ups:

As a fit and healthy man you are supposed to be able to do 20 pushups. If you haven’t tried it yet then go try it now.

4. Ability To Run 15 Miles:

A fit and healthy man has the ability to run 15 miles without any hardship. If you can’t, you are not healthy.

5. Good digestion:

A healthy mans body has the perfect digestion system. If you are healthy, you will have to go to the toilet at the exact same times everyday. If the timing is not accurate you have health issues.

6. Waking Up Same Time Everyday:

According to doctors and health experts, a healthy man’s body is like an alarm clock. If a man is healthy, he will wake up from sleep at the same time everyday without anyone’s help. If you wake up different at different times everyday and don’t get proper sleep, it means you are not healthy.

7. Good Eye Sight:

A healthy and normal man will have good eyesight and is able to see properly without any problem.

8. Perfect Ratio Of Weight And Height:

A man who is healthy and normal will have the perfect ratio between their weight and height. The ratio of body weight according to their height can have the difference of 5 kilograms. But if the difference is more than that, it is a sign that you are not healthy.

9. Heartbeat After Heavy Physical Activity:

After immense physical activity, your heartbeat rate will increase. If you are fit and healthy enough, your heartbeat rate will come down to its normal rate within 5 minutes. If it takes more time than that, you are not fit and healthy enough.

10. Oriented Lifestyle:

A man who is both active mentally and physically will an oriented life. He will have everything in control. Too much messy and disturbed lifestyle indicates mental illness. A healthy and normal man loves to keep himself oriented.

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