Complete Care Of Face, Hands And Feet With Natural Ingredients

In any occasion we prepare ourselves completely to give a festive look. For that we need a complete package of skin care. Here are some necessary tips for care of face, hand and feet.

Face Care:

Yogurt helps to keep dry skin smooth and bright. The antioxidants in the skin folds and stain.
You will need to create useful cleanser skin with yogurt, two tablespoons yogurt, half a teaspoon of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of honey. Eat a little to the mix. Light affixed to the massaging the face, three, four minutes. Then rinse with water. It’s clear to see how the skin of the face. This cleanser works in mixed skin very well.
You can use this cleanser oily skin without acne. However, oily skin will be washed with warm water after use. Otherwise it will not be pretty clear.
Swore yogurt can be used as a scrubber. The two spoons of cheese, half a teaspoon of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of sugar mixed together with the amount of water in the mixture on for four minutes of the wash by massaging the turn by turn.
This scrubber is suitable for all skin types. However, it cannot be made before. With the need to make use of. Use twice a week to get better benefits. If the skin is more dry skin, will give too well.
Face mask to use at least one day a week. Two teaspoons of fuller’s soil , two drops of glycerine, a teaspoon of cucumber juice, mixed with one teaspoon of rose water powder milk.
Keep the pack on for 20 minutes. Then wash with wet hands massage. This mask will help reconstruct skin very quickly. Make skin tight.

Hand Care:

One teaspoon of salt in a bowl of warm water, one teaspoon of shampoo, water mixed with lemon wheel to wheel, hand dipped in the water for ten minutes. You can do this thing while watching TV .
After ten minutes, rub it with a soft brush to clean the wash water. Now for facial masks that have been asked to create one teaspoon of salt mixed with it set to 0 minutes to wait. Then wash and massage.
After watching well take moisturizer. Hand care and that is it. Take care of once a week like this. Enter the professional manicure once a month. Then you have beautiful hands.

Foot Care:


Please do pedicure twice a month. There are different types pedicure. If you have experienced any advice. Take care of the foot as well as home care. Feet every night before going to sleep clean well and apply Vaseline . After five minutes, remove the legs with a wet handkerchief. That’s always nice to have your feet. Just do not think about the festival, all year round Take care of you this way. The facial skin is beautiful as well as the hands.


Weather, dirt, etc. can be damaged due to the natural brightness of the nail. But a little care to get rid of nationalism.
Some of the necessary items to be collected before are Neil cutter, nail file, nail hardener, olive oil, brush, buffers, salts, savlon, lemon and warm water.
A bowl of warm water in the summer to take care of the shampoo, lemon, salt, mixed syabhalana 15 to 0 minutes soaking nails in the hands and feet. Then rub it with nails, brush thoroughly washed with clean water to remove. Now nail with nail cutting off the extra part, like to rub your nails with nail file size. Nail Care and easily break if the body is not strong.

Useful Tips:

After nail file again washed with water to remove. The buffer on the nail and rub clean dirt stick. The yellow colouring and brightness will be removed.
Those who have yellowish in their Neil may apply Vaseline before going to bed. . It can remove yellowish. After a good five minutes with a moisturizer lotion massaging it.
If you have broken nails once a week and finger nails and massage with warm olive oil can. Apart from the broken nails nail hardener to escape. It is available to buy on the market, such as nail polish.
Not only outside of care, from the inside to take care of the B vitamins, protein, calcium and iron diet. Because of lack of nutrients is broken nails.
Black spots create if cut vegetable. This may remove easily by rubbing lemon.

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