Exercise Daily Only 15 Minutes Can Make You Dam Fit & Perfect

You don’t do exercise because you don’t have time? Despite knowing the fact that exercising regularly will keep your body fit and mind fresh? You want zero size figure? You can get that through exercising. Jogging, Cycling, Swimming these are the best kind of exercises. Are you feeling lonely? Don’t know what to do? There is solution. You don’t have time? That is nothing. 5 minutes. Only 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes of exercise is enough for a day. Whether it’s in the morning or in the evening, Run a little bit in your nearest park or in a free road. It will be enough for a day. You want to stay fit? You want zero figure? You can have it all. You might be thinking what kind of exercise is this! My friends will laugh after hearing this. You might be thinking this is a lame idea. But the fact is this is not a randomly made out formula. New York Times(July 30, 2014) said, a survey proved that through running 5 minutes a day can reduce human death rate in a huge number. People who exercise minutes a day lives up to 3 years or more than people who don’t do any exercise. People who do regular exercises are less affected by various kinds of disease and their minds stay fresh. About the usefulness of Exercising, 2008 Federal Physical activity for America based on thousands of audit report, said that to stay healthy- walk for at least 150 minutes in a week.

Here Are Some More Useful Tips

1. If you don’t have the habit of exercising daily, then start it very slowly. In the first week run fast for two minutes, then walk five minutes in medium speed. In The next week run for three minutes, then walk three minutes in medium speed. Notice it whether your body is being able to handle it or not. If it’s too much pressuring for you. Then go more slowly.
2. Keep your weight under control. Avoid foods that will produce fat in your body.
3. Run in clean and fresh air.
4. Try to eat in a fixed time everyday.
5. Eat plenty of water. Make sure you stay dehydrated during your exercise.
6. Eat foods that will give you plenty of calories. Make sure you restore the amount of calories that you’ve burnt through exercise.
7.Drink a full glass of water right after you wake up in the morning and another right before you go to sleep.
7. Do your exercise in the morning after you wake up or in the evening.
8. Don’t put too much pressure in your body. Make sure you don’t push it too much.
9.Your day is of 24 hours and 45 minutes. The rest 15 minutes are for your exercise. If you count it like this, no matter how busy you are 15 minutes of exercise will be very much easy for you.
10. If you have any heart or lung issues consult a doctor first.

We all have lots of works to do in a day. We all remain busy. It might seem very much difficult to find some time for exercising. But if we think wisely we’ll figure out that separating 15 minutes from a 24 hours day is not that much of a big deal. These 15 minutes will make you healthier and will keep you fresher than ever. If you can build up the habit of exercising 15 minutes a day, you will be less vulnerable to any kind of disease. Overall you’ll be able to stay 100% fit. So make sure you do 15 minutes of exercise daily.

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