How To Know That You Are Going To Have A Stroke

According to medical science stroke means severe neurological disease. The brain needs continuous blood circulation for its tissues to work. Brain runs all the functions of the body. Through blood circulation, brain receives the oxygen and glucose supply that it needs. If this supply process gets hampered anyhow, it can damage the brain cells. According to medical science this is called Brain Stroke.
If any part of the body is affected because of stroke, the other parts of the body that depends on the affected part will stop working. Right part of the brain controls the left part of the body and Left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. That’s why if stroke damages any part of the brain then the opposite side of the body will fall asleep.. It will stop working.

If one side of the body turns asleep, it is called Hemiplegia. If it turns obsolete then its called Hemiparesis. But if any part of the body stops working because of stroke, after some time it will start to work again. Help of an expert Neurologist is a must in situations like this. Sometimes the patient has to consult Physiotherapist to take physiotherapy.

Brain is stroke is not at all any kind of Heart Disease. But if the patient has High Blood pressure or Diabetes or Heart issues then there is high chance for the patient to have stroke.

Blood cots, Narrow veins can hamper the blood circulation in the brain. Sometimes because of vascular rents the blood circulation gets stopped, which causes Stroke.

Types of Stroke:

Basically there are two kinds of stroke.

1.Ischemic Stroke
2. Hemorrhagic Stroke
In case of Ischemic Stroke the blood circulation stops and in case of Hemorrhagic stroke blood gets flowed in the brain.


For both types of stroke the symptoms are same. Which area of the brain is out of blood circulation, how much cells got damaged, these things can change the symptoms. For any kind of stroke, seeing a doctor is a must. If it gets late then new symptoms will be seen and patient condition will get much worse.

1. Dizziness: The patient will feel dizzy. Will not be able to walk properly and will have a hard time keeping balance of body.

2. Trouble while talking: The patient will not be able to talk properly.

3. Weakness: The patient will feel weak and tired. A side of the body may get obsolete.

4. Eye sight will begin to stir: The patient’seye sight will begin to stir. The patient will see double or sometime dark.

5.Severe Headache: The patient may have severe headache all of a sudden.

Causes of Stroke:

1.High blood Pressure
2.High cholesterol
3. Diabetes
4. Smoking
5. Fatness
6. Drinking
7. Gene issues

Warning: Each year almost 5 million people have stroke and almost 1.5 million people die. Those who survive, most of them turn autistic. After Coronary Heart diseases and Cancer, Stroke is the largest disease that people die for.
If we avoid the risks of stroke and live a healthy life we will be able to stay safe from it.

What To Do:

1. Keep blood pressure in control.
2. Avoid oily and fatty foods.
3. Avoid smoking.
4. Avoid soya bean oil, try fish oil. It will help.
5. Eat in time
6. If you have diabetes, make sure you keep it in control
7. Do exercise regularly.
8. Don’t take too much mental pressure.
9. Avoid drinking
10. Avoid drugs.
11. Low dose aspirin can reduce the chance of stroke. It can also heal a stroke patient slowly.

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