Some Heart Attack Symptoms That Should Not Be Neglected

According to American Heart Association in every 34 seconds someone dies because of Heart Attack. Heart Attack is very common nowadays. Even after having a Heart Attack some people live a normal life, but every year just because of some very common health problems people have to face Heart Attack. People die of Heart Attack just because they ignore some common symptoms.

Heart Attack is also known as Myocardial Infraction or Acute Myocardial Infraction. Heart Attack occurs when the blood circulation is somehow hampered or stopped. Lack of Oxygen in heart affects Heart Nerves. There are many signs or symptoms that indicates Heart Attack. You should know the signs.

The Signs Of Heart Attack:

Very Common signs of Heart Attack for both men and women are these-

1. Sudden Pain In Chest:
Some people all of a sudden have severe pain on the left or right side of their chest. This pain stays for sometimes and then goes away. Then it comes again and goes again the same way. Some people think that the reason of this pain is Gastric or Bad Digestion. But this is one of the most common signs of Heart Attack.

2. Feeling Anxious In the Upper Body: Feeling anxious in the upper body is a common sign of Heart Attack. For example, feeling pain in your arms, feeling pain in your shoulder, back ache, pain in the upper side of belly.

3. Asphyxia: Having trouble while breathing,feeling pain in your chest while breathing, this problem can occur while many physical activities or while taking rest.

4. Dizziness: Feeling dizzy all the time, feeling dizzy all of a sudden.

5. Getting Sweat Even in Cold temperature: Sweating all of a sudden without any reason. Sweating even in cold temperature.

6. Feeling tired without any reason: Feeling tired without any reason. Feel like vomiting, vomiting.

7. Feeling sick: Feeling sick and weak all of the time.

The Reasons of Heart Attack:

The main reasons of Heart Attack are these-

1. Age: Most people have Heart Attack because of age. Age makes heart weaker. So there is major chance of Heart Attack

2. Smoking: Smoking is one of the main reasons of Heart Attack. Smokers put poison inside their own body. Cigarette has nicotine on it. Smoking too much cigarette may result in Heart Attack.

3. Mismatched blood circulation: Mismatched blood circulation causes Heart Attack. Misbalance of blood circulation hampers heart’s natural activity. It blocks the veins.

4. Diabetes: Diabetes makes human body vulnerable. It affects every organ of our body. It weakens Heart.

5. Lack of Physical Activity: Lack of physical activities can cause Heart Attack. Physical activities make blood flow through our whole body. It pumps our heart. Keeps blood circulation in the perfect rate. So lack of physical activities puts you in risk of Heart Attack

6. Getting Fat: Getting Fat can also cause heart attack. The extra fat in the body blocks the nerves. Makes the nerves narrow. So blood circulation gets hampered.

7. Kidney Issues: Kidney function is related with Heart function. So kidney issues may cause Heart Attack.

8. Drinking too much: Too much drinking affects Heart. It makes Heart weak. Drinkers very often die because of it.

9. Taking Drugs: Any kind of drug can affect your heart. Drugs the natural system of body. Hampers the organs work.

10. Lack of Sufficient Sleep: Sleeping less or sleeping too much can also cause Heart Attack. One must have sufficient sleep everyday. Sleeping too much or sleeping very less is harmful.

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